This page records an email from Cory J. Herndon, used in writing the article of Red-Eye Baldarek. It is recorded here for historical purposes, and has been locked from editing.

Source:  EmailAttribution:  Cory J. Herndon

Hi Ben-

You know, I did my best to base the Planet Hoppers on some of the things I loved most in the SW EU -- the Jedi Knight games, Knights of the Old Republic, and the Marvel ongoing series -- but on this one I think I really went nuts (hopefully in a good way).

The bartender was indeed based upon the bartender in Jedi Outcast, and I did mean for it to be the same fellow. He also portrayed the bartender "Jojo" in the "holo-mercial" for Essence of Zeltros in one of the later installments. (Though now that I look at it, there's an error in there where Derc calls the bartender "Derc." D'oh. I blame flakey Zeltron editors.)

Bear in mind, however, that if the bartender turns out to have been an undercover Thrawn clone in a future game or some such thing, that was merely my plan--it was never explicitly stated in the piece that Red-Eye was the fellow who helped lure Kyle Katarn into a trap. For all I know they might just teach you to talk that way in Chiss bartending school. But also bear in mind that's the standard disclaimer for anything in the Star Wars RPG, so I guess until I'm contradicted by someone with real power, yes--it was the same Chiss.

Incidentally, his name was derived from "Baldrick," a character from the Blackadder TV series; the nickname "Red-Eye" was easier to come up with (although it was also inspired by a Cylon gunfighter in an old "marooned pilot of the week" episode of Battlestar Galactica TOS).

I sure miss writing these. I doubt any one person has had so much freedom to create semi-canonical (that is, canonical at the EU/RPG level) material for SW in a long time, and probably never will again. I was very lucky. :)

Hope this answers your question. If you have any other queries about any of the Planet Hoppers or character profiles or anything else I worked on for D20 Star Wars, please feel free to drop me a line.

Thanks for reading, CJH

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