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"Star Tours! What are you doing here? This is a combat zone. It's restricted... ease off on your main thruster."
―Red Leader[src]

A male Human using the call sign Red Leader was an X-wing starfighter pilot who commanded the Alliance of Free Planets Red Squadron during a battle with forces of the Galactic Empire over a what appeared to be a third Death Star battlestation. When the Star Tours Flight 45, piloted by pilot droid RX-24, arrived in the midst of the battle in a StarSpeeder 3000, the New Republic pilot identified the shuttle as belonging to the Star Tours travel agency and chastised the droid from straying into a restricted area. Eventually, Red Squadron reached the battlestation's thermal exhaust port and fired a salvo of proton torpedos into it, thus destroying the planetoid in the process.[1] Unbeknownst to Red Leader and the rest of the Alliance, the purported "Death Star III" was nothing but a worldcraft that had been modified by the self-proclaimed Imperial Supreme Commander Ennix Devian to resemble one of the Death Star. The battle had no other aim than keeping the Alliance occupied while Devian's Kaarenth Dissension forces were stealing warships from the Alliance's shipyards in neighboring star systems.[2]

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Red Leader was played by Steve Gawley (ILM's model shop supervisor for the attraction) on the onboard video screen inside the Star Tours simulator.


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