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Red Squadron was an E-wing squadron stationed aboard the New Republic Fifth Fleet Endurance-class fleet carrier Intrepid. It consisted of the most elite pilots aboard the Intrepid, which was also the flagship of the expanded New Republic Fifth Fleet. General Etahn A'baht's personal E-wing fighter was in Red Squadron, but he rarely, if ever, piloted his personal E-wing into battle, instead coordinating the combat from the command bridge of the Intrepid.

In the disastrous Battle of Doornik-319, Red Squadron was one of the Intrepid's fighter squadrons that were on one of the flight decks and ready to launch the moment that the battle group jumped in from hyperspace.

A few days before the Battle of N'zoth, the General offered Luke Skywalker command of Red Squadron and also of his personal E-wing. The Jedi demurred, saying that this place was with the Fallanassi that were helping the New Republic during the upcoming battle.