Red Star Shipping Lines was a major shipping organization in the Core Worlds and the Colonies, owning twelve systems recognized as transit hubs.[1] During the time of the Galactic Republic, Red Star, along with Pulsar Supertanker, Quasar Cargo, and Ororo Transportation were choking commerce by shutting out Outer Rim Territories-based competitors and refusing to share navigational data. The Trade Federation, which began its existence as a Republic-chartered organization charged with dispute mediation, helped to curb these abuses of power.[2] They were one of the voting sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority, investing in the venture in the years after the formation of the Corporate Sector.[1] They owned the freighter designated Transport A-175, which was hijacked by the Alliance to Restore the Republic privateer Far Orbit. The loss of a cargo of power cells and power system components cost the company about 35 million credits.[3]



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