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"Okay, verd'ika, is it gi dumpling soup, or red gourd?"
"Gourd, please."
Enceri cantina bartender and Fi Skirata[src]

Red gourd soup was a Mandalorian-made soup, main ingredient of which was red gourd. Red gourd soup was one of the dishes served at a cantina in the city of Enceri, on the planet Mandalore.[1]

In the year 19 BBY, the wounded former clone commando, Fi Skirata, ordered a bowl of red gourd soup at the Enceri cantina for himself and his girlfriend, Parja Bralor.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Red gourd soup made its first appearance in Star Wars canon in the 2008 novel, Order 66: A Republic Commando Novel by author Karen Traviss.


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