Redshift Runner was a modified Starfeld Industries Z-10 Seeker owned by a Corellian named Elga Arbo. The Runner was one of the fastest commercial ships in the Bureau of Ships and Services's registries. Arbo specialized in legal high-speed delivery of cargo. The interior cargo compartment added passenger quarters that allowed the Runner to double as a high-speed shuttle.

Arbo's co-pilot, Maceb Joodsen, was a skilled starship mechanic from Demar.

To upgrade the former scout ship's hyperdrive, Arbo borrowed credits from Gydio Lucone. Lucone lent Arbo the credits at a high interest rate in hopes that she would default and he could pressure her into smuggling for him. The ship was modified to increase its speed with this money, mostly with a better hyperdrive.

After missing a payment due to an Imperial shutdown of a port, the Runner and its crew were involved in an altercation with Lucone's goons where an injured Arbo lifted of in the ship piloted by Joodsen. A 20,000 credit reward was posted for the return of the Redshift Runner in good condition.