Reef Home was a MC80 Liberty type Mon Calamari Star Cruiser serving in the Rebel Alliance fleet during the Battle of Endor and in mopping up operations after the battle.[1]


The warship was highly active in the aftermath of the battle, working in conjunction with various starfighter squadrons to provide security and cover for the Alliance fleet in the face of repeated Imperial incursions. The vessel was named after a famous floating city on the Mon Calamari homeworld[1].

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When this ship was first mentioned in The Truce at Bakura Sourcebook some fans have adopted it's name for identifying the more obscure "wingless Liberty" type from "regular" Liberty type MC80 Star Cruisers. This was possible because the sourcebook does not specify which type or subclass Reef Home was. When the ship made an appearance in the 2006 game Star Wars: Empire at War was depicted as the "winged" type, essentially putting an end to the debate.



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