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Reelo trash

Reelo's garbage compactors

Reelo Baruk ran a garbage hauling company on Nar Shaddaa as a front for his criminal activities. His garbage processing plant appeared to unsuspecting people as a warehouse with garbage compactors and incinerators. However, concealed beneath it was a hidden facility that he used as a hideout to run his criminal empire from.

Kyle Katarn infiltrated the facility to search for Reelo in 12 ABY, after gathering information from Baruk's Bar. He was able to reach the command center levels with by obtaining the password to the hidden sections from Lando Calrissian, who had been imprisoned by Reelo. When Kyle reached the command center, Reelo escaped from the facility, but Kyle was able to clear out his thugs and rescue Lando. Reelo was killed a short time later attempting to ambush Kyle and Lando at the nearest starport. The entirety of this mission is referred to as the Third Mission to Nar Shaddaa