"message from Kormund? That's good news. We thought he'd been compromised by now."
―Reen Loruk[src]

Reen Loruk was a male Twi'lek.


In 1 ABY, a Rebel spy named Kormund Thrylle needed to deliver an urgent message to Loruk. Because it was too dangerous for Thrylle to deliver the message on his own, he tasked a spacer with finding Loruk and giving the message. Fortunately, the spacer found Loruk, just as an Imperial Probot spotted him. Before the Probot could leave to get reinforcements, it was destroyed by the spacer.

Reen Loruk was thankful, and took the message from the spacer. He was surprised, though happy to hear that Thrylle had not yet been compromised by the Empire.



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