Reenee were beasts of burden genetically modified for use in the low gravity environments of Auratera.


A four-legged creature with clawed feet for grasping onto uneven surfaces, the reenee was designed for Auratera by the Galactic Republic. While the original, naturally-evolved species of reenee had long since disappeared, the reenee thrived as pack animals used by farmers and ranchers across Auratera. Reenee had a prehensile snout that protruded a meter long, from a domed head encircled by six eyes. From its rear, the reenee's tail could whip out up to three meters in distance. As more and more colonists fled Auratera, reenee were abandoned in mass numbers. Entire herds began to form from these reenee that were left behind, roaming wildly while others remained domesticated.[1]


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