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Reeves was a female Captain in the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. She met with a group of fellow Rebels in the Atomic Punk club on the planet Yukka after the Rebellion had learned that a new starfighter was going to be unveiled at the Cynestra Space Craft Show. Reeves was working behind the bar when the group came to meet with her, and was friendly to the group, appologising for having to meet them on such a dump of a planet before giving them their mission.

Reeves informed the group that they only had a single day to co-ordinate their theft of the starfighter as well as giving them basic information about the CSCS. Reeves also placed Dragon Squadron under the group's command to make the theft easier. She then handed each member of the group a handout which contained what little information she had on the D-wing, as well as a description of Rogan B.B. Cham whom they had to meet at midnight in the Yukka space port so as to gain access to the CSCS.