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Reeze Duurmun was a Human male who was Tobb Jadak's co-pilot during their missions for the Republic Group aboard the Stellar Envoy, he was previously known to have flown spice, making the acquaintance of crime boss Rej Taunt. In 19 BBY, Reeze was killed during a mission to Nar Shaddaa, after being chased by Republic forces the Stellar Envoy lost all power and collided with the freighter Jendirian Valley III. Tobb and Reeze made it to an escape pod and jettisoned. However, power was restored to the Stellar Envoy, which spun immediately, crushing the pod and killing Reeze and putting Jadak in a coma for many years. By remarkable coincidence, Taunt would end up owning the same ship Reeze had died in.

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