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"As you serve the Empire, trust your sensitivity."
―Darth Vader to Reezen[src]

Reezen was a Force-sensitive Human male who served as a corporal within the faction of the former Galactic Empire that served under Warlord Zsinj in 8 ABY.


As a young teenager, Reezen attended a parade with his father on Coruscant in which Darth Vader was present. Vader halted the parade and patted Reezen on the head, telling him to always trust his instincts. Unaware of the significance of this encounter, Reezen never realized he was Force-sensitive.

He later worked in military intelligence under Warlord Zsinj. It was Reezen that recognized a pattern in the hit-and-run attacks orchestrated by Han Solo designed to draw Zsinj's forces away from the planet Dathomir. Reezen advised Zsinj to reinforce his holdings there.



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