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The Refugee Relief Movement (RRM) was a non-profit organization originally formed to aid the billions of lower-class inhabitants of Coruscant. It later grew to a disaster aid, relief fund, and resettlement agency operating on planets throughout the Galactic Republic.


Immediately prior to the Invasion of Naboo, Ruwee Naberrie served as the President of the Refugee Relief Movement. His wife Jobal also worked there.[1]

During the Separatist Crisis, the Refugee Relief Movement (and its newly-formed subgroup, the Refugee Resettlement Coalition) oversaw the temporary settlement of those displaced by the closure of worlds joining the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The ten worlds of the Coalition were Naboo, Monastery, Kalarba, Cerea, Sneeve, Bimmisaari, Durkteel, Ord Tessebok, Garos IV, and Ord Varee. Former chancellor Finis Valorum presided over the opening of Alderaan to refugee settlement.

When she was a young girl, Padmé Amidala wished to work for the Refugee Relief Movement, later helping to evacuate Shadda-Bi-Boran. Years later, she and Anakin Skywalker covertly journeyed to Naboo from Coruscant via one of the organization's ships.[4]



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