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Reginard was the location of a hidden Rebel base called Reginard Base.[2]

Reginard was an uninhabited planet of forests-and-oceans in the Reginard system. Reginard Base was commanded by General Halomar Corros and populated by Humans and a Mon Calamari. The base was in a cliff on an island in the sea, on the opposite side of the planet from the main continent. When the Rebel base set up a passive sensor array on the main continent, it activated a hidden beacon which identified itself as a Stellar Class spaceport. This caused Hawker Bryce-Kelley, traveling in his ship Queen's Victory, to come to the planet as he was fleeing Imperial Customs Frigate 517. A group of Rebels managed to convince the Imperial ship that they had not seen the ship, however, and it soon left.


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