"Krestock, you bleedin' slime. Philo was my brother. There was no bounty on Philo, do you hear me, Krestock, no bounty! It had all been a mistake. A lousy, bleedin' clerical error! But you and that witch of yours never bothered to check the latest Intel Updates."
―Reglis Taal[src]

Reglis Taal was a male. Due to a misunderstanding, a bounty was posted on the head of Taal's brother Philo. Philo was killed by two overzealous bounty hunters. Motivated by revenge, Taal tracked and killed the murderers. In the process, Taal discovered that he enjoyed that line of activity and became an obsessed bounty hunter himself, feeling that he only valued the hunt.

Taal's friend Galasett was also moved by Philo's sad story. Galasett also decided to become a bounty hunter, specializing in tracking other bounty hunters who had broken laws.


"By the way Krestock, like the man says, there are two types of hunters in this galaxy: those who talk and those who shoot. Hope you remember that in the next life…"
―Reglis Taal, after fulfilling his revenge[src]

Reglis Taal was the younger brother of Philo (Taal),[2] and a friend to the Kerestian called Galasett. When Taal was young, the Galactic Empire posted a bounty on Philo, as if Philo were a wanted criminal. However, this was due to a mistake made by a bureaucrat. The typo was corrected and Philo's name was cleared.[1][2]

By that point, Krestock and Raxine, two bounty hunters,[2] had already decided to track Philo without checking again with the Imperial authorities[1] through the Intel Updates as they were supposed to do—even if they had a direct link to Enforcement central. They decided to not deliver their prey alive and[2] they killed Philo. Taal was nineteen years old at that point.[1]

Taal swore to get revenge and began an eventful quest, looking after the murderers. He found each in turn and killed them both.[1] Taal shot Krestock in a small tavern after Krestock boasted to Taal about the capture of Philo. Taal would later cover this event in his book Endings And Beginnings: An Autobiography[2]

Discovering to his surprise that he had come to value the hunt beyond any other thing, Taal turned to a life of bounty hunting. He felt that the purpose it gave filled his life. Galasett, also horrified at Philo's fate, became a bounty hunter too, if only to track other bounty hunters who had broken laws.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"The hunt's the thing that makes us what we are. It is our life's blood, our salvation and our damnation. Nothing else has more importance. Nothing else holds out so much pleasure. Nothing else would cause us to risk our lives year after year. Damn, but we love it so…"
―Reglis Taal[src]
Reglis Taal

Reglis Taal

Reglis Taal was literally an addict to bounty hunting. He was obsessive about it. He admitted he had lost part of his humanity due to it, but even then he tried not to kill if possible. He also believed that, one day, he would accept a dangerous hunt and he would not come alive from it; however, he kept hunting because he had found nothing he valued more—or nobody who could care enough about the person he had become.[1]


As a bounty hunter, Taal carried several weapons, including a blaster pistol, a blaster rifle, a knife and grenade. He also carried a comlink, magnacuffs and syntherope, as well as a partial armor.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Reglis Taal was mentioned in several sections of the roleplaying book Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters (1994), by Rick D. Stuart. One of these was the short story Termination With Extreme Prejudice. Galaxy Guide 10 listed a number of bounty hunters with role-playing stats. Most of these had an Imperial Peace Keeping Certificate (or "bounty hunter permit") in their gear. However, Taal, Galasett, Baraduk, and Dengar did not have one.



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