Now, are there any other horrors you wish to subject me to, or is your electronic butchery done?

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"I know a lot of you don't trust me anymore to keep you safe. I know you don't all agree with me that hiding from the Empire should have been our number one priority all these years."
―Rel Harsol[src]

Rel Harsol was a male Human naval officer who served the Galactic Republic prior to the Clone Wars but defected to the Confederacy at the start of the war. After fleeing to the Outer Rim when the Empire was formed, his ship, the Sa Nalaor crashed on Cholganna. There Harsol led the survivors in establishing a colony to hide from the Empire and learned to survive the dangers of the jungle planet.


"So, let's take a few minutes to ask some questions, and see what everyone thinks."
―Rel Harsol[src]

Prior to the Separatist Crisis, Captain Rel Harsol served aboard the personal cruiser of a well known Republic senator. He became disillusioned with the Republic after witnessing first-hand the corrupt and self-serving deals made by the senator to further his own wealth and power. At the start of the Clone Wars, he defected to the Separatist Navy where he rose through the ranks, even serving aboard the Invisible Hand, flagship of General Grievous. Eventually Harsol won command of the Munificent-class star frigate Sa Nalaor.

Near the end of the Clone Wars, Harson foresaw the Confederacy's defeat and made plans accordingly. He developed a friendship with Cratala, the Arkanian cyberneticist and director of the cybernetics lab on the planet his ship protected. He also began intercepting and stockpiling credits intended for the lab and any other wealth for "safekeeping" aboard the Sa Nalaor. Both fearing reprisal for their actions against the Republic, Harsol and Cratala developed a plan to flee to the Outer Rim world of Cholganna. There they would continue Cratala's cybernetics research, selling her technology through a supply company owned by Ropok, a Twi'lek operating out of The Wheel.

When the newly formed Galactic Empire launched a raid on the former Separatist cybernetics facility, Harsol fled with Cratala and her research aboard the Sa Nalaor. However, when they reached their destination of Cholganna, something caused the ship to crash instead. The Sa Nalaor split in two when it impacted the surface of Cholganna with the main hull and the engine section coming to rest separately in the jungles of the planet. Harsol attempted to send a message beacon to Ropok to inform him of their location, but it never arrived. Both Cratala and Harsol were among the survivors of the crash. Harsol took command of the situation and with the other survivors established The Retreat settlement, and learned how to survive against the many dangers of the jungle, including nexus and arboreal octopi. Harsol was the de-facto leader of the group, while Cratala served as the settlement's doctor, while maintaining her cybernetics research aboard the wreckage of the ship.