Reles was the only city on the planet Spintir, and its capital. The location had been the site of a Jedi outpost that was abandoned when the Jedi built the Dawn Temple atop Mount Tellec, but over time the outpost became a starport, and later the city of Reles. The wealthiest people in Reles dressed extravagantly, and built exquisite sculpture gardens and palatial homes throughout the city. During the time of the Galactic Republic, citizens who were not as well-off worked for the upper-class, and Reles had a system where the wealthiest citizens were forced to sponsor struggling or talented individuals. After the declaration of a New Order and the formation of the Galactic Empire, the patronage system was abolished, which increased the economic divide.[1]

The University of Reles was located in Reles, and the Museum of Spintir was located on the outskirts of the university's campus. The university gave out generous scholarships to the people of Reles. There was also an open-air bazaar in the city, where citizens shopped side-by-side regardless of wealth, but after the end of the patronage system, wealthy individuals travel the bazaar in closed landspeeders, or with the support of bodyguards. The Empire established an Imperial garrison in the heart of Reles to prevent Rebels from taking advantage of the economic divide in the city.[1]


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