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The Reliant was Seti Ashgad's heavily modified I-7 Howlrunner. It served as his personal transport and was a major part of the droch Dzym's plans for galactic domination.


Although the I-7 was designed as a fighter, the Reliant served as a mid-range freighter. The ship had a golden hull, with several detachable "mini-hulls" attached to it. These mini-hulls could slip through the defense screen of Nam Chorios. Liegeus Vorn played a large part in the design of the ship and the programming of its computers. Other modifications were made by the Newcomers loyal to Ashgad. These modifications included heavy shielding against sunlight and solar radiation, both of which proved fatal towards drochs.


The primary function of the Reliant was to spread the Death Seed plague. Each of the mini-hulls was stocked with containers of drochs. These drochs were intended to spread through the Meridian sector and eventually the galaxy, destroying any life they came into contact with. The Reliant also transported Tsil crystals off Nam Chorios for Loronar Corporation, for use in CCIR devices.


When Dzym's and Ashgad's plans were discovered by the New Republic they fled in the Reliant. Before they could launch the drochs, the Reliant was destroyed by Loronar Corporation Needle fighters, and all aboard were killed.



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