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After the Imperial conquest of the Outer Rim world of Ryloth and the temporary dissolution of the Free Ryloth movement, a settlement of Twi'lek elders who had banded together to preserve Ryloth's culture came down with bybbec fever, a rarely fatal disease for most, however it could result in death for Twi'leks if not treated properly. The remedy, gattis-root extract, was offered by the Imperial government, but only if those who required it registered with the clinic distributing the extract, which would then allow the Imperials to discover false identities utilized by the populace. In addition, the Empire would force many settlements hidden in Ryloth's jungles to reveal themselves in order to receive the extract.

In response, Goll, a former member of the Free Ryloth movement, embarked on a relief mission to deliver gattis-root extract to the Twi'lek elders after purchasing it from the Karthakk Group, along with Hera Syndulla, daughter of Free Ryloth movement leader Cham Syndulla, as well as Karthakk Group member Trae Baratha and the crew of the freighter Eclipse.[3]

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