Relik was a Human male captain in the Arkinnea Militia during the early years of the Empire's reign. In 19 BBY he served as the leader of a militia unit that slaughtered the off-world refugees, and for this had trouble with the fugitive Jedi Master K'Kruhk and his younglings. He was later sanctioned by the Empire.


By the year 19 BBY, shortly after the end of the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the male Human Relik held the position of Captain in the militia of his homeworld Arkinnea. During the war, Arkinnea suffered greatly at the hands of the Separatist Droid Army which lead to the natives, including Relik, greatly resenting the Confederacy. Once the war ended refugees from both sides of the conflict began to arrive seeking shelter on Arkinnea, which the Galactic Empire, the successor state of the Republic, offered them as they were all now considered its citizens. Relik greatly resented the refugees, treating them all as Separatists and believing they should leave the planet, as did many other militia members.[1] He became part of a scheme in which the militia used transports designed for carrying ore to ferry refugees from the holding centers where they were initially housed and then dump them out in the wilds, where they were killed by the fall. The Imperials and refugees were led to believe those the militia transported away were being taken to free land in the north where they might set up new lives.[2]

In 19 BBY, he was sent with a squad of other militia members to the site where a starship had crashed after ignoring Arkinnea control's orders to not land on the planet. Upon reaching the ship he and his men ready their weapons to attack the ships crew, but found them to be the Whiphid K'Kruhk, his young helper Chase Piru, and a group of children which the Whiphid claimed were orphans. Realizing the group were refugees Relik threatened them but was interrupted by the arrival of a group of Imperials, lead by Commander Teron. When Teron questioned Relik, the captain informed him he was simply planning on taking the refugees to a holding center, which he and his men then did. Once at the center Relik made clear to Teron that he was unhappy about the number of refugees on Arkinnea and stated he wanted them gone, reminding Teron of the war.[1] The following day Relik greeted the latest group of refugees to be transported north, making sure they all boarded the carrier. As the group boarded, another militia member reported that K'kruhk and his group hadn't arrived to board the carrier despite being called. One of the other refugees then informed Relik that she had seen the Whiphid and the children packing and leaving the previous night, causing Relik to order the final passengers to board and then demanding his men find the missing refugees. Hearing the commotion, Teron approached Relik asking what had happened, and the captain informed him there was no issue and that the missing group was probably just still asleep. As soon as Teron was gone, a militia member reported to Relik over a comm-unit that the group had escaped through a hole they created in the perimeter wall. Angered at the escape, the captain then called for a search of the surrounding area.[2]

After four days without any evidence of the missing group, Relik called off the search, deciding his men needed to return to the task of killing the remaining refugees. Another group of refugees was picked up and dumped in the wilderness, but the act was witnessed by K'Kruhk and his charges,[2] whom the militia crew of the carrier spotted. Lieutenant Makos of the militia informed Relik of the sighting but failed to kill the escapees. Relik then gathered a squad of men to hunt down the group, but was spotted leaving by Teron. The captain lied to the commander, telling him that the men were simply on a surprise routine drill. Upon arriving at the location where the crew of ore carrier had spotted the refugees, Relik witnessed the ore carrier destroyed as it crash into the ground, controlled by K'Kruhk using the Force as the Whiphid was in fact a Jedi Master.[3] Not understanding how the Jedi had destroyed the carrier, Relik ordered his men to land and then find and kill all of the escaped refugees, wanting to count their bodies to make sure none escaped again and revealed their plan. He split his men into two groups, as there were two groups of lifeforms nearby according to his ships sensors, and the took to the air in the ship to follow his men's movements from above. One of these groups located and attacked the Jedi to the north of Relik's position and the captain ordered all men to converge on that point. Upon receiving reports that his men were encountering resistance he order the ship to land,[4] though upon landing he received no further reports from the ground troops as they had been killed by one of the children with K'Kruhk, whom had used the force to crush them with a boulder.[5]

Before Relik could take further action, a large Imperial force, including the Star Destroyer Tenacious, arrived in the skies above the militia forces. Teron, along with Denimoor the captain of the Tenacious and a number of clone troopers landed at the captains location, and arrested him, having seen the refugees killed by him and his men. Teron informed Relik that his crime was the murder of Imperial citizens, to which the captain protested that Arkinnea had never asked to house the refugees. The commander explained that Arkinnea was part of the Empire and so had the duty of justly treating all of the Empires citizens, and that Relik's actions had brought shame on his homeworld which would face justice for the militias work. According to Teron however, Relik was unlikely to live long enough to see this happen.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

Relik was a Human male with brown eyes and hair, although some turned silver as he aged. After the Separatists actions on Arkinnea during the Clone Wars he greatly resented the group; a hatred he extended to all war refugees following the conflict.[1] Relik felt that his homeworld had never invited those fleeing the war and as such they had no right to settle there.[5] His hatred of refugees he was willing to take part in a scheme to trick and kill huge numbers of refugees and leave their bodies in the wild. Upon finding K'Kruhk's group of refugees he threatened to kill the unarmed refugees but was stopped by Teron's arrival.[1] Relik made sure he and his men kept the scheme secret from Teron, lying to the captain on several occasions as not to arouse his suspicions.[3] Upon discovering that K'Kruhk and the children with him had escaped and witnessed his scheme in action he order all of their deaths. He protested when arrested but did not attempt to fight back none the less.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

Relik first appeared in the comic book series Star Wars: Dark Times in which he served as the main antagonist of the Fire Carrier story arc. The arc was written by Randy Stradley and Gabriel Guzman, with the first issue being released in February 2013 and the remaining issues, all of which Relik appeared in, coming out throughout the rest of that year.


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