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This unidentified stormtrooper sergeant fought and died in the Battle of Anoth.

This man graduated from the Academy of Carida. As a Stormtrooper, he rose to the rank of sergeant. During the Destruction of Carida, he managed to survive, as he and fourteen other Stormtroopers were chosen to pilot the MT-ATs for the Battle of Anoth. Loaded onboard the Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser Vendetta, he escaped the deaths of many of his comrades. Although he intended to go alone, he reluctantly chaperoned Ambassador Furgan, secretly suffering his screams of panic. After losing three MT-ATs and seven Stormtroopers, they came across Winter. While six of his comrades pursued the New Republic woman, the Sergeant and Furgan located what they wanted; Anakin Solo. With only a TDL nanny droid, Furgan expected nothing, but this droid was equipped with blasters. There, the Sergeant died at her hands.