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"What's the deal with you pouty little thugs, anyways? You're, what, a buncha suck-ups to the Empire?"
"Not the Empire. Something greater than the Empire."
―Erno and Remi[src]

Remi,[1] also known as Oblivion, was a human male member of the Acolytes of the Beyond. During the Coronet City revolution on Corellia in the months following the Battle of Endor, Remi was taken to the Peace and Security station in the city by Detective Erno after vandalizing a wall with the message 'Vader lives' and stencilling a picture of Vader's armor on it. After being rescued by Kiza, a Pantoran female and fellow acolyte, Remi went to a basement located underneath the station and returned with a red bladed lightsaber which he used to cut off one of Erno's arms.[2]

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