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"What's the deal with you pouty little thugs, anyways? You're, what, a buncha suck-ups to the Empire?"
"Not the Empire. Something greater than the Empire."
―Erno and Remi[src]

Remi,[1] also known as Oblivion, was a human male who was a member of the Acolytes of the Beyond. In 5 ABY, during a revolution staged by the acolytes in Coronet City on the planet Corellia, Remi was taken to the local Peace and Security station in the city by a detective named Erno, after he caught the boy vandalizing a wall with the message 'Vader lives' and stencilling a picture of Vader's armor on it. After being rescued by Kiza, a Pantoran female and fellow acolyte,[2] Remi went to the archives located underneath the station[1] and returned with a red bladed lightsaber which he used to cut off one of Erno's arms.[2]

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