Remis Vehn was a member of the Peace Brigade who helped in the assault on the Jedi Praxeum in 26 ABY. He piloted one of the Brigade's transports that participated in the Jedi-seeking raid on Yavin 4.


Vehn was clearly derisive of Jedi powers, but yet at the same time did not bear the actual Jedi any ill will, despite what his affiliation with the Brigade would reveal. He was only working with the Brigade for the credits as a pilot.

During the confusion of the initial attack, his craft was commandeered by Anakin Solo who later crashed the ship in the wilds of the jungle moon. There the group began to repair the transport, but was stumbled upon by the enigmatic Qorl, who volunteered to help Anakin with repairing the ship—and keeping Vehn under a tight watch.

After Anakin rescued Tahiri Veila from the Shapers' base on the moon, the pair was rescued from the Yuuzhan Vong by Qorl and Vehn (suddenly and surprisingly good friends) piloting the newly repaired transport.



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