"Ren Moru and his crew are waiting to hear your orders. What's it gonna be, boss?"
―Harlow Ricks[src]

Ren Moru was a male Human inhabitant of Rishi living during the Galactic War with his wife Elloise Moru. In 3642 BBY, the Nova Blades pirates enslaved Ren for his debt of 3,000 credits and forced him to mine exonium for them. Ren spend two years in slavery before being saved by an individual pretending to be a leader of a rival pirate gang. Even before being rescued from the Nova Blades slave island, Ren and the other prisoners heard of his exploits throughout the Raider's Cove, so upon being released from captivity they were looking for a chance of a payback against Nova Blades. The released slaves formed a crew under Ren and willingly pledged themselves into working for the person who granted them freedom. Still based on Rishi, they maintained contact through Ren's contact Harlow Ricks, who resided at the Blaster's Path cantina in Raider's Cove and served as the intermediate between Ren's gang and their new boss, delivering to them daily orders and handing over their spoils in return. Ren's wife Elloise was happy to have her husband back and send a letter of thanks to his rescuer as well.