Ren S'orn was the son of Senator Uta S'orn. He was Force sensitive and was identified at a young age for Jedi training. Senator S'orn, not wanting to part with her son refused to allow him to go and train within the Jedi Temple.

With the knowledge that he could have become a powerful Jedi, Ren was unable to cope with the premonitions and telepathic struggles that he was unprepared for. Becoming moody and depressed, he eventually abandoned his mother and was hired by Jenna Zan Arbor, who ran tests on him. Eventually, after trying to escape, he died unexpectedly on Simpla-12, where he was found drained of blood.

An investigation into Ren's death was made under Coruscant Security Force captain Yur T'aug, but had been dropped at the request of the grieving Senator S'orn. Zan Arbor had regretted the loss of her friend's son ever since.


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