Rena was a planet home to the predatory Renan bloodwolves and known for its wine. Imperial Governor Wilek Nereus once visited Rena during his career collecting dental specimens.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rena is mentioned in The Truce at Bakura Sourcebook as one of seventeen planets Wilek Nereus visited while collecting predatory dental specimens. In some entries detailing the species collected by Nereus, a specific planet and star system are named, while in others, only a planet is named, such as in Rena's case. Perhaps confusing, however, is that for each species entry, a home "system" is identified—"System: Rena" is identified for the Renan bloodwolves, although this seems to refer to a planet and not a star system, such as in the case of the sinosai species home to "System: Ithor," since there is no "Ithor system," only the planet Ithor. But, other species entries, using the same classification, seem to refer to a star system. For example, the cooha species is stated to be from "System: Gandeid," and the planet Gandeid IV is identified as being the species home.


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