"Lots of things live out there. Some of them aren't too nice. So, what you got to do is just expect that when you go out, you may not be coming back. ... Now, did you say you wanted a guide for this little trip, or no?"
―Rena Laut[src]

Rena Laut was a female Human former missionary, repulsorlift rental manager, and guide.[1]

At some point before the Battle of Naboo, Laut had spent time on Cularin doing missionary work among the Tarasin.[1]

In 31 BBY, Laut ran a business on Dorumaa renting out "boats"—low-riding skiffs designed to travel over the water. She spent a lot of time learning the seas of Dorumaa, and thus had a good knowledge of what lived there, not being afraid to share that with her customers. She did genuinely worry about the safety of her customers—and her boats.[1]

Rena had sun-bleached hair and coarse skin from her years living outdoors on Cularin. She would laugh frequently, often at odd or inappropriate times, but almost never smiled.[1]



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