Renarra was a female Wookiee enforcer of Subo the Hutt, a crime lord. Renarra was considered ruthless, and while she was known for her legendary temper, she often maintained self-control.

Renarra owed a life debt to Subo, and worked for him to try and find the lost planet Endelaan in the Unknown Regions, a planet that Subo believed held the secret to eternal life. Renarra arranged burglaries and attacks against the Spiral Dancer, a large expedition ship investigating the lost planet, to obtain artifacts and clues to Endelaan's location.

Both the Spiral Dancer and Renarra learned of a small scout ship, the Antara Satrap, that had unintentionally visited Endelaan and maintained the navigational information. Renarra located, kidnapped, and tortured the last living relative of the Satrap's captain. Crew from the Spiral Dancer rescued the descendant, who unwittingly lead both parties to the Antara Satrap. Renarra contacted a traitor within the Spiral Dancer's crew, who waited for members of the Dancer to repair the Satrap. Once the repairs were completed, the traitor stole the small scout ship and lead the Spiral Dancer on a hyperspace chase through the Outer Rim Territories. The Satrap jumped into several systems, created confusion in each to slow the Spiral Dancer, then left each system. Eventually, the crew from the Spiral Dancer tracked the Antara Satrap to the Codexen, Subo's museum ship. Members of the Dancer raided the Codexen, liberated the Antara Satrap, and defeated Renarra.