"Interested in helping out a girl in trouble?"
―Renci Tosh[src]

Renci Tosh was a Human female and a Rebel spy and recruiting agent during the Galactic Civil War.

At one point, her Z-95 Headhunter suffered mechanical problems, and she was forced to crash-land on Ord Mantell, not far from Great Rock. Tosh was captured on her way into town by thugs in the employ of a local crime lord, and imprisoned. She managed to escape, but her starfighter was hauled away by a group of raiders looking to make a profit by selling it off for scrap.

Tosh enlisted the aid of some local spacers to help her escape the thugs looking for her, and return her to her ship. Prior to recovering her stolen ship, Renci and the others dealt with a Mantellian Savrip (assisted by a local Rodian savrip-hunter, Teerik) and a Twi'lek bounty hunter, Gida Luroon, before finally facing Yarroq, the Trandoshan leader of the raiders who had made off with her starfighter to begin with.