"I was hired by a group of Sith to organize "games" for them. Didn't realize what that meant until bodies started piling up."
―Renegin explains why he was tagging civilians[src]

Renegin was a male Devaronian bounty hunter and Mandalorian who worked on the planet Dromund Kaas in around 3643 BBY. There, he was hired by a group of Sith to tag random citizens around Kaas City, although he was given no explanation as to why he was marking them. Renegin discovered the purpose of the tagging when the citizens he had tagged begun being murdered by the Sith. The blame for the murders was soon put on bounty hunter, as a citizen named Weng Wrightsyn had witnessed the Devaronian following the murder victims prior to their deaths. Wrightsyn sent an Imperial individual to apprehend Renegin, but the bounty hunter explained what had happened to the individual and hired the Imperial to tag Wrightsyn as the Siths' next target instead. With Wrightsyn marked for death, Renegin no longer needed to worry about the accusations he had been making and began searching for other work to make back what he had lost paying the individual.


"I just want this problem to go away, and I only see two ways for that to happen. Either get rid of the loudmouth pointing fingers at me, or end that sick "game" the Sith are playing."
―Renegin asks for help[src]

The male Devaronian Mandalorian Renegin worked as a bounty hunter on the planet Dromund Kaas[1] in around 3643 BBY.[2] There, he was hired by a group of Sith who asked him to organize a game for them by tagging a number of citizens around Kaas City, the capital of Dromund Kaas. Renegin accepted the work and choose at least seven random civilians, who he followed and tagged with tracking devices. Shortly after he had begun tagging people, those he had tagged began showing up dead, the victims of gruesome murders. Realizing what the game his employers were playing involved, the Devaronian confronted them about the killings, and although they admitted they had killed the tagged victims, they claimed they had a right to do so.[1]

Another citizen of Dromund Kaas, the Human Weng Wrightsyn, then reported to the authorities that he had witnessed Renegin following and tagging the victims, and suspected that he was the murderer. The authorities refused to act, as they claimed that Wrightsyn lacked evidence and so the Human began seeking aid elsewhere, while Renegin attempted to flee from the planet after learning that he had been seen tagging the dead citizens.[1]

Moments before boarding a shuttle to Dromund Kaas spaceport, Renegin was confronted by an Imperial aligned individual who Wrightsyn had hired to carry out justice and stop the suspected murderer. The Devaronian explained his situation to the individual and asked for help, outlining two possible ways he could be saved. He told the Imperial that they would either have to tag Wrightsyn, meaning he would be killed and so stop bringing suspicion down on Renegin, or stop the Sith from continuing their game. The individual chose to silence Wrightsyn, and so Renegin gave them his tagging device, which the Imperial used to mark Wrightsyn for death. With the bounty hunter's problem solved, Renegin paid the individual, but was left with too few credits to leave Dromund Kaas and so began searching for more work.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"I admit, I've killed plenty in my time, but I never murdered anybody."
―Renegin denies killing the civilians[src]

Renegin was happy to take the job tagging civilians with no questions asked, as the pay he received was good enough; however, when he discovered what had happen to those he had tagged the Devaronian tried to flee. When confronted about the murders, he was willing to pay the Imperial all the money he had to make the problem go away, saying they could either stop the murderers or silence the man accusing him, letting the murders continue. When the Imperial chose to kill Wrightsyn, Renegin felt bad for the doomed civilian, but also believed that he should have kept his mouth shut in the first place. Although Renegin had killed various people prior to his job tagging for the Sith, he believed that he had never murdered anyone, and tried to persuade himself that he was not to blame for the tagged civilians deaths as he had not killed them himself. The Devaronian had pink skin, brown eyes and no hair.[1]


While on Dromund Kaas, Renegin carried a blaster pistol and wore blue Mandalorian armor.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"When my clients jumped the ones you tagged, they were arrested and executed. Best work I've done in a long time."
―Renegin's dialogue if players choose the light side option[src]

Renegin first appeared in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a MMORPG released by BioWare in 2011. In the game he is involved in the optional quest "Sports Hunting" on Dromund Kaas, which players of all Imperial classes can take part in. This article assumes that the quest was completed as part of one hundred percent game completion, but does not make any assumption about which character or characters helped Renegin.

As "Sports Hunting" is an Imperial quest, this article assumes that the dark side option was chosen by players and Wrightsyn was tagged. Players can choose the light side option of tagging a number of Sith Acolytes around Kaas city instead, which leads to Renegin's clients attacking the Sith and being arrested and executed, stopping their game and clearing the Devaronian.


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