Renn Volz was an inventor from Little Kessel, and a graduate of the University of Byblos. He had a daughter named Mira.


Volz created the Ion Ring around the planet Zerm to help control destructive storms which had been devastating the planet's surface. When Imperial Captain Bzorn found out about the device and its potentially destructive capabilities, he placed Volz under arrest and commandeered the ship housing the potential weapon. With the intent of destroying the Rebel planet of Rion, Bzorn took Volz's daughter Mira Volz as a hostage, ensuring that Renn would do his bidding.

Volz destroyed the atmosphere of Rion, freezing the planet with constant ice-storms. Under Bzorn's orders, they moved on to Volz's own homeworld of Little Kessel. However, before he used the ship to completely destroy the planet's atmosphere, Mira was able to contact him with the sub-space image transmitter he had in his lab. Mira told him that she had escaped, with the help of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. Soon after, Solo and Skywalker rescued Professor Volz, who set the Ion Ring Ship to self-destruct. The group barely made it out in time.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Rebellion Era Sourcebook offers a different story of Volz's life, indicating he was conscripted by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and put to work in the Maw Installation. In this version, he never left the installation, and was unaware of that the Empire was using his Ion Ring and other inventions for nefarious purposes.



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