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Rennax Omani was a female Human Padawan who served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic as a Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.


A Force-sensitive Human, Rennax Omani was trained in the ways of the Force at the Coruscant Jedi Temple in the years leading up to the Separatist Crisis. When the Clone Wars erupted across the galaxy, Omani reluctantly took on the role of Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic as she was taken as the Padawan of Jedi Master B'ink Utrila. During her early apprenticeship, Omani accompanied her Master to recover a Sith amulet - the Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger - from a temple on Draay 2 in order to prevent Sith Lord Count Dooku from obtaining it with the aid of clone troopers. While in the temple, Omani frustrated her master by her apparent inability to recall simple lessons from her time at the Temple academy. Following the destruction of the temple and their completion of the mission, Omani decided to leave the Order and return to her homeworld and seek out her parents. Utrila supported the girl's decision and allowed her to leave the Order in her good graces.


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