Rennimdius B'thog Indriummsegh was a male Elomin who served as the leader of the Elomin Council and represented Elom in the Galactic Senate of the Republic.

It was during Indriummsegh's tenure as Senator that Old Republic councilor Herylcha Baakos took a decision about the Eloms. Baakos thought that the Elomin had neglected the Elom and forcibly moved them to the underground. Baakos demanded the Elomin to provide the Eloms with living areas on the surface of the planet. It was known that Indriummsegh did not agree with this order, but could do nothing to avoid it.

It is unknown if Rennimdius B'thog Indriummsegh is related to Rebellion member and Declaration of a New Republic signatory Verrinnefra B'thog Indriummsegh.


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