This article is about the moon Rennokk. You may be looking for the planet.

The mountains of Rennokk.

Rennokk was a moon of Cularin. It was a molten planetoid, its glow visible on Cularin. Reidi Artom's survey of the moon indicated there were minerals of interest in the lava of the planet, but nobody had attempted to reach those minerals by 31 BBY.[3]

Rocky outcroppings rising out of the magma made it possible to land on the planet. Reidi Artom landed on the tallest one and dubbed it Artom's Crest. A rumored metallic city in a cave was also said to exist on Rennokk.[3]

There were reported to be life forms on Rennokk. Artom visited the planet a second time with a enviro-suit and found something apparently alive that chased her; she escaped and swore not to come back without firepower. A century after Reidi Artom's survey, an expedition to the moon was attacked by a worm-like lava creature. Only one member of the expedition survived, though accounts varied on whether this survivor was a Trandoshan named Tusskrek or a Tarasin named Kum'Jushkin.[3]



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