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The Telgorn Corporation Repair Yard was a starship repair station found at many locations in the galaxy.


Large enough to service vessels such as an Interdictor cruiser or a Carrack cruiser, the repair yard boasted facilities that made it suitable for starships of all functions and sizes.

With workshops and repair bays for all kinds of starship reconstruction, from atmospheric wear and tear to heavy battle damage, the Telgorn Repair Yard was able to offer comprehensive servicing. This even extended to a starship's complement of droids

The interior hangars were able to support an armada of maintenance and utility craft, and were also equipped with a jamming beam to prevent starfighters firing their laser weapons while inside, either accidentally or intentionally. These hangars could even be used as launching bays for a wing of starfighters, such as Avenger squadron, that might be stationed aboard the repair yard to provide defensive capability.

Because of its function as a repair yard for all kinds of vessel, the Telgorn Repair Yard was not fitted as standard with offensive weaponry. Instead, it relied upon its super-heavy shield system and thick armor plating in order to maintain hull integrity.

At military installations, these facilities were often protected by the presence of warships, starfighters, or immobile Gun Emplacements.

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