The Republic Correctional Authority, or RCA, was an organization in the time of the Galactic Republic which tracked down and attempted to rehabilitate dangerous criminals. Based in the Outer Rim, the organization was responsible for putting bounties on several criminals throughout the galaxy, most notably Meeko Ghintee. The organization only posted bounties on criminals who were causing damage to Republic systems. The Republic Correctional Authority was dismantled when the Galactic Empire came into power. Due to stricter laws, enforcement, and punishment, there was little need for the underfunded organization.

On an interesting note, the organization also posted bounties for 'kills' or 'Wanted Dead'. This is strange because Republic law was opposed to capital punishment, especially on unidentified, lower-ranking thugs. The 'Dead' bounties were always worth less than the 'Alive' bounties, and the organization never posted any 'Shoot on Sight' bounties.

Among the many penitentiaries managed by the Correctional Authority, the most famous (and possibly a favorite of the inmates because of the podracing) was Desolation Alley of Oovo IV. By the time of the Galactic Empire, it was succeeded by the Imperial Corrections Service.



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