This article is about the Republic Embassy on Manaan. You may be looking for the Republic Embassy on Nar Shaddaa.

The Republic Embassy on Manaan was a Republic base run by the diplomat Roland Wann to negotiate kolto exportation from the officially neutral Selkath. The Republic secretly built the illegal Hrakert Station, accessible from the Embassy by submersible, and were assisted by several Selkath—those who understood that the Sith Empire would enslave the Selkath if they conquered Manaan. The Sith captured a droid with knowledge of the Station, but before the Sith could extract the information, the redeemed Jedi Revan, sent by Roland Wann, took the information and brought it back to the Republic Embassy. In return, Roland Wann allowed Revan to take a submersible to the Hrakert Station and search for a Star Map, where Revan discovered that a creature called the Progenitor, which guarded the Star Map, had turned the Selkath insane. Revan was able to calm the Progenitor by destroying the Republic machinery, and made it to the Star Map. Sometime later, the Selkath razed the embassy to the ground.



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