The Republic Foundation Museum was a museum located in the Coronet Museums region of the Government District in Coronet City, capital of the planet Corellia. One of the world's largest archival resources, it was a monument to the history of the Republic, containing priceless antiquities and records within its vault-like walls and high-security energy shields. During the Battle of Corellia, it became a bastion of Corellian resistance against the Sith Empire, and was fortified to withstand Imperial bombardment. The Green Jedi Master Bedoch refused to withdraw from the museum when the Green Jedi came under attack, and he was eliminated by Imperial forces that stormed the museum. Had the Empire won the Battle of Corellia, they would have stripped the museum of all of its artifacts and displays, and a number of proposals were put forth about the building's repurposing—Moff Tarandon suggested converting it to a museum of Imperial culture, while the Imperial Diplomatic Service wished to convert it into a propaganda museum focused on "Republic history".



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