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The Republic hover boat was a vehicle used by the Grand Army of the Republic on the planet Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars.


The hover boat had a single-person cockpit, with two unfoldable boarding ramps. It had eight passenger seats with two on its port side and six on its starboard side. Its weaponry consisted of one laser turret at the bow.

Behind the scenesEdit

Republic hover boat full concept art

The Republic Hover Boat was designed by Will Nichols and set to appear in episode 6.17 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, but the series was cancelled prior to its appearance. The episode was part of a four-episode arc, starring the Bad Batch and Yoda on Kashyyyk. It is unknown what part the boat would have played in a battle between Wookiees and Separatist backed Trandoshans.[1]

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