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"An intelligence officer of Teller’s skill would know better than to leave his ship to be found, much less his fingerprints."
―Darth Vader discussing former Republic Intelligence officer Berch Teller[src]

Republic Intelligence was an espionage service of the Galactic Republic. During the Clone Wars, it conducted numerous operations to undermine the activities of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


Republic Intelligence operated as the primary intelligence-gathering and covert operations agency for the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Much of its ranks were recruited from former members of the Republic's Judicial Forces, including its elite direct action operatives who served as the Republic's premier non-clone special ops soldiers during the conflict.[3] Although its members sometimes had little to no direct exposure to the Jedi Generals, they routinely worked with strategists, fleet commanders, and other high-ranking officers of the Grand Army of the Republic.[2] Dodd Rancit was among the high-ranking officers of the group.[1]


Rancit organized several operations during the war, including overseeing Captain Berch Teller, who served as a Republic Intelligence station chief. In 21 BBY, Republic Intelligence agents, including Teller, debriefed Captain Wilhuff Tarkin after his escape from the Citadel with the coordinates to the Nexus Route. Later, Teller, along with the subcontractor Knotts, worked with loyalist species whose planets joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, training them to serve as resistance fighters for the Republic. Among the targeted Separatist worlds was the Gotal moon of Antar 4.[1]

Some Republic officers were thought to prefer Republic Intelligence direct action operatives to clone special forces such as ARC troopers and clone commandos. Has Obitt theorized this to be the case with Lieutenant Commander Orson Krennic, who handpicked a Republic Intelligence team led by Matese to work with during the mission to Merj.[3]

After the conclusion of the war and the transition into the Galactic Empire, Republic Intelligence was reorganized as Imperial Intelligence. Teller expected the Empire to spare his partisans from punishment due to their loyalist service during the conflict. However, forces under the command of Wilhuff Tarkin killed many of these fighters on Antar 4 along with former Separatists, in an event that became known as the Antar Atrocity. This angered Teller, causing his desertion and creation of his own resistance cell to fight against the Empire.[1]



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