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Republic Outland Regions Security Force
Republic Outland Regions Security Force
General information

Ranulph Tarkin[1]


57 BBY, from the Seswenna Defense Forces[1]


c. 22 BBY, as part of the Republic 18th Sector Army[1]




Greater Seswenna[1]

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Commanding officer(s)

Ranulph Tarkin[1]

Notable officers
Notable crew
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Historical information
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Rise of the Empire era[2]


The Republic Outland Regions Security Force, abbreviated ORSF and sometimes referred arrogantly as the Republic Navy by its members,[1] was a military organization operating in the Outer Rim Territories in the last decades of the Galactic Republic, it was part of the Planetary Security Forces.


Styling himself a general, Tarkin referred to his fleet as the Republic Navy and his ground troops as the Republic Army; although both had been eliminated by the Ruusan Reformation, his Militarist faction sought to reestablish them.

Tarkin's ships were apparently Judicial Forces surplus, and consisted of Corellian Star Shuttles, Consular-class space cruisers, and variants of Consulars built with wider hulls (presumably for carrying ground forces). The fleet's flagship, Invincible, was another modified Consular.

Tarkin's soldiers, officers, and vehicles and vessels were culled from the regional defense forces of planets sympathetic to his cause, among them Rendili, Commenor, and possibly Eriadu, Barkhesh, and Carida. Tarkin's soldier primary weapon was A280 blaster rifle.

Tarkin only allowed Humans into his force, not trusting aliens. Either by result or intent, most of his soldiers agreed with his Humanocentrism ideals.


The military force was established to reign in the lawless regions in the Outer Rim[7] and was formed by Governor-General Ranulph Tarkin of the Seswenna sector from the Seswenna Defense Forces and the Planetary Security Forces of neighboring sectors.[1]

The force was put to the test during the Stark Hyperspace War. En route to the First Battle of Qotile, the fleet was hit with a navcomputer virus spread by a signal the Stark Collective had piggybacked on Nute Gunray's locational signal. Only one third of the force reached Troiken; another third emerged from hyperspace off-course, while the last third emerged from hyperspace in places that would destroy them, such as within planets or near black holes and stars.

Tarkin Paramilitary Troops

Troops of Tarkin's paramilitary forces are attacked on the surface of Troiken.

During the battle, the fleet was trounced and the survivors evacuated to the surface of Troiken, where they holed up in Mount Avos. There, Special Tactics troopers fought several battles before the siege was lifted with the Combine's defeat in the Fifth Battle of Qotile. At Troiken, all of but a third of his ships, and a large amount of his soldiers were killed; the remainder presumably returned to the regional defense forces, as did Dallin, or to the Judicial Fleet, as did Dodonna.

As of 29 BBY, Wilhuff Tarkin, formerly lieutenant governor of Eriadu, held the rank of Commander within the Outland Regions Security Force.[2]

Following the Battle of Naboo it was reinforced with Trade Federation vessels, including cargo haulers, heavy munitions cruisers, C-9979 landing craft, B1 battle droids, and Vulture droids.[2]

In 29 BBY, the Security Force launched an unsuccessful attack on Zonama Sekot.[2]

During the Clone Wars, the Outland Regions Security Force fought alongside clone troopers as part of the Republic's Eighteenth Army, and it was deployed in engagements along both the Hydian Way and the Rimma Trade Route.[1]

ORSF personnelEdit

Soldiers in the force included Antidar Williams[6] and Jace Dallin, the latter of whom served as Ranulph Tarkin's aide and bodyguard.[5]

Maarisa Zsinj, the mother of future Imperial Grand Moff and Warlord Zsinj, served as an admiral in the Outland Regions Security Force and her skills earned her the nickname of "Ace of the Spacelanes."[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Outland Regions Security Force was created by Greg Bear and first featured in the novel Rogue Planet. The 2012 guide book The Essential Guide to Warfare later retconed a Republic-affiliated paramilitary force that appeared in the 2001 comic arc Star Wars: Republic: The Stark Hyperspace War as being the Outland Regions Security Force.



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