During the Great Sith War, the Galactic Republic fielded this heavy class of battleship[1] and divided command of the ships between the Republic Navy and the Jedi Order.[2]



A battleship heads for Deneba along with a fleet of smaller vessels.

These heavy vessels in the Republic's fleet were long blocks of superstructure, often capped in the center with one or more command towers, and reinforced in some areas with thick, uniform armor. Along their sides were engine-banks clustered in "islands", connected to the main hull.[2]

Apart from these attributes, the battleships had a certain degrees of individual design,[2] much like the capital ships of the Mandalorians[3] and the Star Cruisers of the Mon Calamari.[4]


Similar in design to the larger Republic command ship Reliance I, these battleships formed the main assault fleet at the Battle of Koros Major and the Battle of Onderon. Such vessels were also present at the Conclave on Deneba shortly after the battle had ended.[2]



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