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The Supremacy-class attack ship was the primary capital ship of the Krath[2] and used by its leaders.[1]


Krath attack ships

Tetan attack ships in formation above Koros Major.

The 550 meter long Supremacy-class attack ship was manufactured by the Tetan ship manufacturer Koros Spaceworks as a mobile attack platform.[1]

These vessels were more slender and curved than the battleships used by the Galactic Republic. Like the big Republic vessels, the Tetan attack ships had bulky superstructures with extra armor plates spread throughout the hull and a command tower in the middle of the ship.[2]


They formed the primary ships of the fleet which attacked the Foerost Shipyards early in the Great Sith War. Attack ships were used in later campaigns against the Galactic Republic when the fighting intensified towards the end of the war.[2]



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