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"Repeat, this is Republic survey team six-eight-nine-mark-one. I don't know who's hearing this, but most of us are already dead."
―Survey Team leader[src]

Republic survey team six-eight-nine-mark-one was a Republic archaeological unit sent to the planet Athiss during the Cold War. The team accidentally discovered the Tomb of Vodal Kressh on the planet where they were driven mad and then attacked by the Tomb Dwellers. Some of the team attempted to set up a distress beacon but did not manage to switch it on before being attacked by the Dwellers, and some of their own such as Professor Ley'arsha. A strike team then arrived on Athiss to search for the team, which the Survey Team's leader detected. He contacted the strike team and warned them not to enter the ruins, although team did anyway. Before the the team could reach the leader he was discovered by the dwellers, however the strike team did locate several other members of the team, killing those who were hostile including Ley'arsha.


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