"This brutal weapon is the mark of a being who has no concern for the law or morality."
Airen Cracken[src]

The repulse-hand was a weaponized prosthetic created by Control Zone. Unlike many prosthetics, the repulse-hand was not covered with the synthskin that normally gave prosthetics the appearance of a real appendage, nor was it designed with a sensory interface that would allow the user to feel through the hand as though it were real. Presentability was not a concern to the bearers of this brutish weapon.

Within the tempor-alloy hand were miniature repulsor generators. This made the hand a brutal weapon in close combat, and allowed it to be used to parry weapons without suffering damage. In the event that the repulse-hand was struck by a weapon, the bearer would find himself thankful for the lack of a sensory interface. Worse still for a being that was touched by the hand while activated, as the multitude of repulsor generators would tear deep gashes in an opponents flesh, and even break bone.

The pirate Abav Ghart used a repulse-hand.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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