The repulsor-assisted ground-to-orbit concussion missile launcher (RAGOC launcher) was a missile launcher developed by Oryn Engineering. The weapon was available for sale as the RAX-1.


In a manner similar to ancient rail guns the RAX-1 focuses energy into an extremely powerful repulsorlift engine, which creates a column of anti-gravity to propel a rocket into low orbit. Once there the repulsorlift engine is shut off, the rocket activates its own engines and turns on its guidance package to seek out enemy ships.

Because the rocket did not activate until it was clear of the atmosphere there was no contrail to track it's trajectory or point of origin. Although the column of reversed gravity could be traced, the use of a sensor blind like the Tranquility System I could mask this as a naturally-occurring phenomenon (although a crystal gravfield trap still saw through this deception, their rarity ensured it was less of a concern), and when turned off there was no way to trace it at all.

A variety of rocket types could be fired by the RAX-1, although due to its method of delivery so-called "dumb" rockets without a guidance package were useless. These included Stalker missiles, introduced specifically for use with the RAX-1, boasting a more sophisticated tracking system and greater fuel store than other "smart" rockets which allowed them to reacquire a lost target lock multiple times.

Although Yunji managed to remove most of the bugs from the production model of the RAGOC, it was still an inherently frail system. As a result, while new models required only a crew of six, used examples of the RAX-1 needed a crew of thirteen and were considered maintenance nightmares. Constant attention even during operations was necessary just to keep the weapon system online.


The prototype for the RAX-1 was developed by Rebel Alliance engineer Yunji Oryn under less-than-ideal conditions. With his base about to be attacked by the enemy, Yunji and his crew slapped together a dozen malfunctioning repulsorlift drives from damaged airspeeders, a burnt-out tractor beam assembly and archaic rockets left behind by the base's former occupants to create a makeshift emplacement to defend themselves. Luckily for them their jury-rigged weapon worked, though in the eyes of one SpecOps agent it looked like "the interior of an Ugor autochef."

With the success of the prototype Yunji was inspired to start up his own company, Oryn Engineering, and release a production model of his weapon using standardized parts. With most of its bugs worked out the weapon was used by the Rebel Alliance and other groups, including pirates, to defend their bases from attack.