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A repulsorlift battalion was a formation of the Imperial Army.


Commanded by a Major, a repulsorlift battalion was comprised of three repulsorlift companies and a scout troop, with the attendant battalion headquarters and support personnel. A standard repulsorlift battalion numbered 952 personnel, 680 of which were combat personnel, mounted on 115 repulsorcraft and forty speeder bikes. The battalion headquarters was also mobile, with eighteen of the battalion's vehicles dedicated to transporting the HQ and a larger than normal staff to account for vehicle drivers. Repulsorlift battalions were employed to gather information on enemy movements, cut of retreat avenues, and harass enemy operations. They were rarely committed to frontal assaults.[1]

Line battalions could be augmented by the addition of three more repulsorlift companies, and an attack armor company.[2]

Order of Battle organizational chartEdit

Repulsorlift battalion organizational chart on the Imperial Army Order of Battle


Notes and referencesEdit

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