A repulsorlift company was a formation of the Imperial Army.


Repulsorlift companies were comprised of two repulsorlift platoons, and two line platoons for a total of two hundred and twenty personnel, including the command support elements. Thirty-one repulsorlift vehicles were employed by the company; twenty-two combat vehicles, a command vehicle, and eight support vehicles. Each line platoon was assigned to a repulsorlift platoon for transport and deployment into combat.[1]

A repulsorlift company could be augmented by the addition of another repulsorlift platoon and accompanying line platoon, a heavy weapons repulsorlift platoon, and a scout platoon.[2]

The repulsorlift vehicles accompanying the company carry infantry troopers into combat, and also provide fire support after troopers have dismounted, a claim that Wedge Antilles confirmed was accurate due to being shot down over Tieos by them.[3]

Order of Battle organizational chartEdit

Repulsorlift company organization
Repulsorlift company organizational chart on the Imperial Army Order of Battle


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