Rescue from the Dargon

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The rescue from the Dargon was an operation conducted by the Alliance to Restore the Republic in which an attempt was made to rescue Rebel prisoners on the Dreadnaught-class prison ship Dargon as it traveled through realspace to its hyperspace jump point at Darg-3.

The BattleEdit

Rogue Squadron engaged the TIE Avengers escorting the prison ship Dargon, while Red Squadron covered Gold Squadron as the Y-wings disabled the Imperial Dreadnaught.

After the Dargon was disabled, the Calamari Cruiser Columbia arrived nearby. The Columbia launched Typhoon Group, a trio of Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transports, in a bid to board and capture the Dargon. Some time later, the Victory-class Star Destroyer Callisto arrived to rendezvous with the Dargon, along with an Imperial ATR-6 transport carrying a team intending to repair the damage done to the Dargon.

Behind the scenesEdit

This battle first appears in the Star Wars: TIE Fighter in the expansion pack Enemies of the Empire. It appears in the twelve "Battle" called Prelude to Endor as the first mission.

As players can participate in the mission "Rescue from Imperial Prison Ship Dargon" in the computer game Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter on either the Rebel or the Imperial side—both sides have conflicting mission objectives—and victory is not essential to access the next set of missions, the battle itself is considered canon but the canon outcome is unknown.

The ships listed in this article are those found in the battle Rebel Alliance Operation: Quick Strike, using the default craft assigned to the player.

It is virtually certain, given the overwhelming numbers of Y-wing starfighters and the mag pulse warheads carried by Rogue Squadron, that the Dargon will be disabled; whether it is then captured by Alliance Special Forces or recovered by the Imperial repair crew aboard XP-1 depends largely on player actions and is canonically uncertain.


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